Revolution Radio Chatroom Policy

    The station is all for freedom of speech, but also has to conform to a bit of common sense regulation when it comes to the chatroom associated with it. Firstly because some topics tend to spiral into arguments that no one will ever agree to disagree on, secondly because we are supposed to be responsible and mature adults. These regulations are not here to deny anyone their freedom of speech or expression, but are intended to keep our chatroom free from immature and/or pointless arguments.

Using Caps
Comments within the chatroom using ALL CAPS should only be used to ask questions that will be directed to the hosts that are live on the air. This helps the producers/hosts monitoring the chatroom to identify questions.

Nick Registration
Nickname registration in our chatroom is not required, but is highly recommended. Registering a nickname in chat means that no one else will be able to use it and, if you intend to frequent the chatroom, is helpful when interacting with fellow members.

Duplicate or Offensive Nicknames
There is no reason for a single individual to have to register more than one nickname, but there is no real way for the chat system to stop it from happening. However, if you have registered more than one nickname, be advised that only one of those is allowed to be used at the same time.
The reason for this is we have seen people with two different nicknames 'argue with themselves' or even use their own secondary nickname(s) to back up their own points in the chatroom. This activity is not needed in our community.
'Offensive' nicknames include those which attempt to use foul language or 'adult content' or are obviously intended to insult a fellow chat member, host, guest or other person(s) and are not allowed.

Chatroom 'Bots'
Since the chatroom software we use is based on an IRC platform there are 'bots', or 'users that are actually just computer programs' in the chatroom. They are there to monitor the chatroom for various settings and validate logins, as well as provide the occasional 'comical comment' to specific words or phrases that may come up from time to time.
Bot usage is restricted to the Site Owner Only. We know that there are thousands of software based 'bots', as well as scripts and other client-side programs that can be used by an individual to bring their own bot into our chatroom. This is not allowed in our chat area. Bots are usually harmless, but can easily be programmed to interfere with normal chat operations. Therefore, anyone found to be using their own bot in our chatroom will be immediately asked to disable it, leave the chatroom, or face being banned from use of the chatroom entirely.

No Personal Attacks
A personal attack is an attack on an individual chatroom member, a live host, guest or producer. A personal attack is not a disagreement with a particular subject that an individual person may support/oppose. There will surely be the occasional bantering or debate that could lead to a generalized opinion, such as 'you are being silly' or 'your information is idiotic' - and for the most part these lesser words are overlooked until they get to the point that they're being used in an abusive manner.
Obvious personal attacks against a person's family or lifestyle will be dealt with accordingly.

Attacks Againsts Hosts/Guests
Chat participants are not permitted to sit in chat and make derogatory remarks about the host who is on air and in chat or the guest that host is interviewing. This is covered in the 'No Personal Attacks' section of this page, but it appears that it requires it's own section because some chat members just dont understand it.

Religious Diatribe
Religion is often a topic discussed on various shows broadcast, and within the chatroom itself. Arguing religious belief systems is pointless in our chatroom because this station is not religious in nature. If a live broadcast is discussing religion, exceptions are made to this rule. Under no circumstances will 'preaching' or otherwise telling people they 'must' believe a religious element, or that they are 'wrong' for believing however they personally practice their religion be tolerated.

No Spamming or Adult Content
Spamming in the chatroom includes posting the same message again and again, or posting the available emoticons over and over. Spam also includes posting random (not the same over and over) links into the chatroom to advertise a product or web site that is unrelated to the topic discussed on the air, or being discussed in the chatroom.
'Adult Content' would include any link to an outside web site that contains pornographic or otherwise 'x rated' content.

Reserved Text Colors
Please do not use red text or red background colors in chat. These colors are used by the station owner and hosts/producers who are participating in a live show to more easily identify who is producing/hosting at any given time.

Logging Chat
Individual chat members are not permitted to log, screenshot or otherwise record the ongoing conversations within the chatroom. The chatroom already has a system designed to do this, and if a log of prior comments is needed for any reason it will at the decision of the station owner to use them.
Keeping a log for your own personal use can not be stopped, but any user who uses a captured log or screenshot - through any form of communication - without the consent of the station owner, will be removed from the chatroom perminantly.

That is all of the regulations that we have for chat. Pretty much 'No religious diatribe, no spam, no multiple-nicks'. None of those regulations is denying anyone their freedom of speech.
If you are unwilling to abide by these terms, feel free to not use our chatroom.

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